Desert Eagle Trigger Discipline

The Desert Eagle Trigger Discipline is a renowned skin in CS2, featuring a sleek design with a focus on precision and control, mirroring the qualities of its namesake.
Crafted by the talented designer moonfighter, this skin showcases their ability to blend aesthetics with the spirit of CS2 gameplay.
Released on May 3, 2021, the Desert Eagle Trigger Discipline quickly became a favorite among players for its unique style.
Notable Players
Pro player ztr is known for wielding the Desert Eagle Trigger Discipline with exceptional skill in competitive matches.
Part of The Snakebite Collection, this skin is associated with the theme of stealth and precision, much like the strike of a viper.
Introduced in the Snakebite Case update, the Desert Eagle Trigger Discipline adds to the arsenal of skins available in CS2.


The Snakebite Collection
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Snakebite Case
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