The Desert Eagle Kumicho Dragon is a renowned skin for the powerful CS2 pistol, featuring a detailed dragon design with a purple and silver color scheme.
Crafted by the artist known as The Honey Badger, this skin showcases intricate artwork that has captivated players since its release.
Introduced to CS2 on February 17, 2016, the Kumicho Dragon became part of The Wildfire Collection during Operation Wildfire.
As a member of The Wildfire Collection, the Kumicho Dragon is associated with one of the most memorable updates in CS2 history.
Notable Players
The skin has been wielded in-game by notable players, including the competitive player known as 'hon'.
Its unique aesthetic combines traditional Japanese art with a modern twist, making it a sought-after skin among CS2 enthusiasts.


The Wildfire Collection
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Operation Wildfire Case
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