Desert Eagle Printstream

The Desert Eagle Printstream is a renowned CS2 skin known for its sleek, futuristic design with monochromatic colors and subtle cyan highlights.
Crafted by the talented designer JTPNZ, the Printstream skin showcases a unique blend of artistry and precision.
This skin made its debut on August 6, 2020, as part of The Fracture Collection, introduced in the Fracture Case Skins update.
Notable Players
The Desert Eagle Printstream has been a favorite among top players, including the renowned NiKo, for its striking appearance.
As a highlight of The Fracture Collection, the Printstream adds a touch of elegance to the arsenal of any player.
Its design features a digital motif, evoking a sense of high technology and precision, making it a coveted piece for collectors.


The Fracture Collection
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Fracture Case
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