Desert Eagle Crimson Web

The Desert Eagle Crimson Web is a renowned skin for the powerful handgun in CS2, featuring a red and black spiderweb design.
This skin was crafted by Valve, the developer of CS2, adding a unique aesthetic to the classic Desert Eagle.
Released on July 10, 2014, the Crimson Web skin quickly became a favorite among players for its striking appearance.
Notable Players
Pro player m0N has been known to wield the Desert Eagle Crimson Web, showcasing its deadly precision in competitive matches.
Part of The Arms Deal 3 Collection, the Crimson Web skin is a sought-after item for collectors and enthusiasts alike.
The skin debuted in the 'Summer is heating up' update, bringing fresh excitement to the CS2 community.


The Arms Deal 3 Collection
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CS:GO Weapon Case
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CS:GO Weapon Case 3
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Danger Zone Case
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eSports 2013 Winter Case
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eSports 2014 Summer Case
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Fracture Case
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Horizon Case
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Operation Bravo Case
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Operation Breakout Weapon Case
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Operation Wildfire Case
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Revolver Case
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