The Desert Eagle Sputnik is a renowned skin for the powerful handgun in CS2, featuring a space-themed design with a sleek, metallic finish.
Released on September 21, 2021, as part of The 2021 Train Collection, the Desert Eagle Sputnik quickly became a favorite among players for its unique aesthetic.
Crafted by the developers at Valve, the Desert Eagle Sputnik showcases their attention to detail and passion for creating visually striking skins.
Notable Players
Professional player 'jem' has been known to wield the Desert Eagle Sputnik, showcasing its prowess in competitive matches.
The skin is a part of The 2021 Train Collection, which features a variety of skins with a common theme of transportation and industry.
The Desert Eagle Sputnik was introduced to CS2 during the Operation Riptide update, adding a fresh wave of content to the game.


The 2021 Train Collection
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