Desert Eagle Golden Koi

The Desert Eagle Golden Koi is a CS2 skin with an ornate gold-embossed koi fish design, symbolizing good fortune and perseverance.
Released on September 19, 2013, as part of The Bravo Collection, the Golden Koi was introduced during Operation Bravo.
This skin was crafted by Valve, the developer of CS2, showcasing their attention to detail and cultural motifs.
Notable Players
The Golden Koi has been wielded in-game by notable player 'hal', among others, for its distinct aesthetic.
As a member of The Bravo Collection, the Golden Koi is part of a set of skins released for the Operation Bravo update.
The skin's luxurious appearance is a favorite for players seeking to combine firepower with a touch of elegance.


The Bravo Collection
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