Desert Eagle Corinthian

The Desert Eagle Corinthian is a renowned skin for the powerful pistol in CS2, featuring a classic, elegant design with a dark metallic finish and ornate details.
Crafted by the talented Von.Bonelli-XII, the Corinthian skin showcases the artist's eye for detail and appreciation for traditional aesthetics.
Introduced to players on December 11, 2015, the Desert Eagle Corinthian became part of the CS2 arsenal as part of the Winter Update.
This skin is a part of The Revolver Case Collection, which brought a variety of new skins and the namesake revolver to the game.
Notable Players
The Desert Eagle Corinthian has been wielded by the player LUC, known for their precise aim and clutch performances.
Update History
The skin debuted in CS:GO’s Winter Update, marking a significant addition to the game's cosmetic options.


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