Desert Eagle Blaze

The Desert Eagle Blaze is a renowned CS2 skin featuring a fiery design. Its vibrant flames make it a favorite among players seeking a bold sidearm.
Crafted by Valve, the Desert Eagle Blaze showcases the developer's attention to detail and commitment to high-quality skin designs.
Introduced to CS2 on August 14, 2013, the Blaze became part of the game's cosmetic arsenal as part of The Arms Deal update.
This skin is a part of The 2021 Train Collection, offering players a chance to acquire a piece of CS2 history with a modern twist.
Notable Players
Pro player 's1m' is known for wielding the Desert Eagle Blaze, showcasing its prowess in competitive matches.
Update History
The Arms Deal update brought the Desert Eagle Blaze into the spotlight, marking a significant addition to the CS2 skin catalog.


The 2021 Train Collection
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