Erik 'fl0m' Flom is a professional CS2 player from the United States, known for his sharpshooting and strategic gameplay.
Early Career
Fl0m began his esports journey with CS:GO, quickly making a name for himself with his exceptional AWP skills.
Transition to CS2
With the release of CS2, fl0m adapted swiftly, continuing to showcase his talent in the new game environment.
Current Team
Fl0m currently plays for Mythic, a team renowned for its competitive spirit and strong presence in the CS2 scene.
Personal Achievements
Throughout his career, fl0m has achieved numerous accolades, including several MVP awards and high tournament placements.
Community Impact
Beyond competition, fl0m is also a popular streamer and influencer, contributing to the growth of the CS2 community.
Mouse Settings
fl0m's mouse is a SteelSeries Prime Wireless with DPI set to 800, a sensitivity of 1.50 and an eDPI of 1200.
  • NameSteelSeries Prime Wireless
  • DPI800
  • Sensitivity1.50
  • eDPI1200
fl0m's crosshair is 4 with a size of 4, a gap of 0, a thickness of 1, a dot of 0, a draw outline of 0, an alpha of 255, a color of 4 and a blue of 255.
  • Draw Outline0
  • Alpha255
  • Color4
  • Blue255
fl0m's FOV is set to 68, offset X is 2.5, offset Y is 1 and offset Z is -1.5.
  • Fov68
  • Offset X2.5
  • Offset Y1
  • Offset Z-1.5
Video Settings
fl0m's resolution is set to 2560x1440, aspect ratio is 16:9, scaling mode is Native, and brightness is 130%.
  • Resolution2560x1440
  • Aspect Ratio16:9
  • Scaling ModeNative
  • Brightness130%

fl0m's Inventory

Specialist GlovesCrimson Kimono
AWPDragon Lore
Desert EagleBlaze

fl0m's Team