Dennis 'sycrone' Nielsen is a Danish professional CS2 player, known for his strategic play and leadership as an in-game leader for MOUZ.
Early Career
Sycrone began his esports journey in the original CS:GO, quickly making a name for himself in the Danish circuit before transitioning to CS2.
Rise to Fame
His breakthrough came with joining MOUZ, where his tactical acumen and consistent performance propelled the team to new heights.
Personal Style
Sycrone is celebrated for his methodical approach to the game, often outsmarting opponents with clever strategies and decisive calls.
Mouse Settings
sycrone's mouse is a Razer Deathadder V3 Pro Black with DPI set to 400, a sensitivity of 1.80 and an eDPI of 720.
  • NameRazer Deathadder V3 Pro Black
  • DPI400
  • Sensitivity1.80
  • eDPI720
sycrone's crosshair is 4 with a size of 2, a gap of -2, a thickness of 1, a dot of 0, a draw outline of 0, an alpha of 200, a color of 1 and a blue of 255.
  • Draw Outline0
  • Alpha200
  • Color1
  • Blue255
sycrone's FOV is set to 60, offset X is 1, offset Y is 1 and offset Z is -1.
  • Fov60
  • Offset X1
  • Offset Y1
  • Offset Z-1
Video Settings
sycrone's resolution is set to 1024x768, aspect ratio is 4:3, scaling mode is Stretched, and brightness is Unknown.
  • Resolution1024x768
  • Aspect Ratio4:3
  • Scaling ModeStretched
  • BrightnessUnknown

sycrone's Inventory

Driver GlovesKing Snake
Glock-18High Beam
Desert EagleMeteorite

sycrone's Team