Jason 'salazar' Salazar is a professional CS2 player from Denmark, known for his sharp reflexes and strategic gameplay.
Early Career
Salazar began his career in the early days of CS2, quickly making a name for himself in the Danish esports scene.
Rise to Fame
Joining ECSTATIC marked a turning point for salazar, as he showcased his talent on an international stage.
Playing Style
Known for his aggressive playstyle, salazar often takes risks to secure advantages for his team.
With multiple tournament wins, salazar has established himself as a formidable force in the CS2 professional circuit.
Personal Life
Outside of gaming, salazar enjoys streaming and engaging with his fans on social media platforms.
Mouse Settings
salazar's mouse is a Logitech G Pro X Superlight Magenta with DPI set to 400, a sensitivity of 2.35 and an eDPI of 940.
  • NameLogitech G Pro X Superlight Magenta
  • DPI400
  • Sensitivity2.35
  • eDPI940
salazar's crosshair is 4 with a size of 2, a gap of -4, a thickness of 0, a dot of 0, a draw outline of 0, an alpha of 255, a color of 4 and a blue of 170.
  • Draw Outline0
  • Alpha255
  • Color4
  • Blue170
salazar's FOV is set to 68, offset X is 2.5, offset Y is 0 and offset Z is -1.5.
  • Fov68
  • Offset X2.5
  • Offset Y0
  • Offset Z-1.5
Video Settings
salazar's resolution is set to 1280x960, aspect ratio is 4:3, scaling mode is Stretched, and brightness is 100%.
  • Resolution1280x960
  • Aspect Ratio4:3
  • Scaling ModeStretched
  • Brightness100%

salazar's Inventory

Specialist GlovesCrimson Kimono
AK-47Head Shot
AWPDragon Lore
Glock-18Water Elemental
Desert EagleOxide Blaze

salazar's Team