Galil AR Sandstorm

The Galil AR Sandstorm skin features a desert camouflage pattern with a sandy color palette, giving it a rugged, battle-worn appearance.
Created by the designer Algis, the Galil AR Sandstorm skin blends functionality with a distinct aesthetic that resonates with players.
Release Date
This skin was released on December 18, 2013, as part of the Winter Offensive update in CS2.
The Sandstorm skin is part of The Winter Offensive Collection, which introduced a variety of skins during the 2013 holiday season.
Due to its early release and unique design, the Galil AR Sandstorm has become a favorite among players for its nostalgic value.
In-Game Usage
Often chosen for its cost-effectiveness in CS2 matches, the Sandstorm skin adds a touch of style to the reliable Galil AR.


The Winter Offensive Collection
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Winter Offensive Weapon Case
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