Galil AR Chatterbox

The Galil AR Chatterbox is a vibrant skin featuring a hand-painted style with a talking skull motif. Its unique design stands out in CS2's arsenal.
Created by the artist EGO DEATH, the Chatterbox skin showcases a distinctive aesthetic that combines street art with a touch of macabre.
Release Date
This skin was introduced to CS2 players on January 8, 2015, as part of the Chroma Collection.
The Galil AR Chatterbox belongs to The Chroma Collection, which features a variety of skins with vivid, chromatic designs.
It was released during the Full Spectrum update, which brought a range of colorful and artistic skins to the game.
Popular among players for its loud design, the Chatterbox is often used to make a statement in the battlefield of CS2.


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