Galil AR Firefight

The Galil AR Firefight is a vibrant skin featuring a fiery design with black and orange hues, symbolizing the heat of battle.
Crafted by Superior Weapons, the Firefight skin showcases their expertise in creating visually striking weapon aesthetics.
Release Date
This skin blazed into the CS2 universe on April 27, 2016, as part of the Chroma 3 Collection.
The Galil AR Firefight is a part of The Chroma 3 Collection, known for its colorful and intricate designs.
Released during the Trichromacy Update, the Firefight skin reflects the update's theme of vibrant, tri-color patterns.
Popular among players for its striking look, the Firefight is a go-to skin for those wanting to make a statement in battle.


The Chroma 3 Collection
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Chroma 3 Case
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