Gut Knife Slaughter

The Gut Knife Slaughter is a CS2 skin with a distinctive red and white pattern, resembling streaks of blood across a polished blade.
Introduced in the Arms Deal update, the Gut Knife Slaughter has been a popular choice among players since its release on August 14, 2013.
Designed by Valve, the skin features a unique finish that gives it a vivid, almost visceral appearance, making it stand out in any collection.
While the collection for the Gut Knife Slaughter is not specified, it can be acquired through various in-game methods or marketplaces like


CS:GO Weapon Case
57 itemsreleased on
CS:GO Weapon Case 2
60 itemsreleased on
CS:GO Weapon Case 3
60 itemsreleased on
eSports 2013 Case
57 itemsreleased on
eSports 2013 Winter Case
60 itemsreleased on
eSports 2014 Summer Case
65 itemsreleased on
Operation Bravo Case
63 itemsreleased on
Operation Phoenix Weapon Case
61 itemsreleased on
Operation Vanguard Weapon Case
62 itemsreleased on
Revolver Case
65 itemsreleased on
Winter Offensive Weapon Case
61 itemsreleased on

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