Glock-18 Royal Legion

The Glock-18 Royal Legion is a renowned skin for the CS2 pistol, featuring regal gold patterns on a deep blue background, symbolizing nobility and valor.
Crafted by the designer Teo, the Glock-18 Royal Legion skin showcases intricate artwork that stands out in the heat of battle.
This skin was introduced to CS2 players on February 17, 2016, as part of The Wildfire Collection, coinciding with Operation Wildfire.
As a member of The Wildfire Collection, the Royal Legion is associated with a set of skins that evoke themes of conflict and survival.
Notable Players
The Glock-18 Royal Legion has been wielded by notable players like 'nin', who have showcased its elegance in competitive play.
Update History
Released during the Operation Wildfire update, the Royal Legion skin has since become a staple in the CS2 community for its distinctive design.


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