Glock-18 Night

The Glock-18 Night is a CS2 skin with a sleek, dark design. It's part of The Chop Shop Collection and favored for its minimalist aesthetic.
Released on July 1, 2014, during Operation Breakout, the Glock-18 Night was designed by Valve and has since become a staple for players like Twi.
This skin features a monochromatic color scheme, with shades of black and gray. Its understated look makes it a classic choice for stealthy plays.
The Glock-18 Night can be obtained from The Chop Shop Collection. It's availability in-game is subject to the drop rates of this collection.


The Chop Shop Collection
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CS:GO Weapon Case
57 itemsreleased on
CS:GO Weapon Case 3
60 itemsreleased on
eSports 2014 Summer Case
65 itemsreleased on
Falchion Case
29 itemsreleased on
Operation Breakout Weapon Case
27 itemsreleased on
Operation Vanguard Weapon Case
62 itemsreleased on
Operation Wildfire Case
29 itemsreleased on
Shadow Case
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