Glock-18 Grinder

The Glock-18 Grinder features a sleek, metallic finish with randomized patterns of black and white shards, giving it a unique and modern look.
Created by the designer Algis, the Grinder skin showcases his distinctive style, blending abstract art with functional weapon design.
This skin was introduced to CS2 as part of The Vanguard Collection on November 11, 2014, during the Operation Vanguard update.
The Glock-18 Grinder is a part of The Vanguard Collection, which includes a variety of skins designed to enhance the game's aesthetic.
Notable Players
The skin has been favored by the player 'cru', known for their sharpshooting skills and preference for stylish weapon skins.
Skin Aesthetics
Its randomized pattern ensures that no two Grinder skins are exactly alike, making each one a unique piece for collectors and players.


The Vanguard Collection
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Operation Vanguard Weapon Case
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