Glock-18 Dragon Tattoo

The Glock-18 Dragon Tattoo is a CS2 skin with an intricate dragon design, symbolizing power and agility, favored for its aesthetic appeal.
Crafted by Daniel Sadowski, this skin showcases his talent for combining artistry with the virtual canvas of CS2 weaponry.
Introduced to players on August 14, 2013, the Dragon Tattoo became a part of the CS2 skins collection with The Arms Deal update.
This skin is a part of The Arms Deal Collection, which features various skins designed to personalize player arsenals.
Notable Players
The Glock-18 Dragon Tattoo has been wielded by notable players like m0N, showcasing its popularity among competitive gamers.
Update History
The Arms Deal update brought the Glock-18 Dragon Tattoo into the game, marking the beginning of its journey in CS2.


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