AK-47 Safari Mesh

The AK-47 Safari Mesh is a CS2 skin with a mesh-like pattern, inspired by tactical gear and outdoor equipment.
Designed by Valve, the Safari Mesh skin maintains a balance between a rugged look and minimalistic style.
Released on November 27, 2013, it's one of the veteran skins in CS2, originating from the early days of the game.
Prominent Players
Favored by player 'mds' for its no-nonsense design, the Safari Mesh has seen action in many competitive matches.
Part of The Dust 2 Collection, the AK-47 Safari Mesh evokes the map's desert theme and is a staple for many players.
The skin was included in the 'Out with the old, in with the new' update, marking a significant refresh in the game's arsenal.


The Dust 2 Collection
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