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Tips on Opening High Value Items with CSGO Cases


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Tips on Opening High Value Items with CSGO Cases

In the dynamic and ever-thrilling world of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS2), the allure of items enclosed within the cases you receive in your weekly care package is an undeniable driving force for many players. These virtual items, whether rare skins, knives, gloves, or stickers, possess an enchanting appeal that can elevate your cosmetic in-game experience to new heights. However, as enticing as opening these cases and capsules may be, they come with a catch – an inherent risk that can make or (more likely) break your bank account. In this article, we'll delve into CSGO (CS2) cases, offering valuable tips and insights to help you navigate this thrilling endeavor, all while setting realistic expectations and understanding the potential pitfalls along the way.

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Case Odds

When it comes to the super amazing hobby of throwing your life savings into the fire that is opening CSGO (Cs2) cases, it is important to realize how abysmal the odds of you unboxing the knife you are chasing are.

When you realize you have 80% to unbox a worthless Mil-spec skin, you may think twice before dumping your last paycheck into the "hobby" of case openings.

Source: https://twitter.com/TDM_Jesus/status/1354603748115406849

Capsule Odds

Are you considering opening some CSGO (CS2) major capsules to get rare stickers to place on your items? Below are the percent chances of unboxing different rarities of signatures and team stickers.

Similarly to what I wrote above, perhaps you may not be as keen on opening up sticker capsules when you realize that you have an 80% chance to unbox a $0.03 paper sticker; you may want to consider buying or trading for the stickers you want for your craft.

Return on "Investment" Tool

CSROI is a powerful tool for case addicts to find the best (or, in this "case" least horrendous) option to open regarding how expensive a case is, regarding the average price of the items they will unbox. When writing this article, the Operation Vanguard Weapon Case had a return on "investment" (ROI) of 65.51%. For every $10 you spend on opening this case, you expect approximately $6.55 back.

If you are a rational, financially focused person, you should realize that you are statistically flushing money down a toilet when it comes to opening CSGO (Cs2) cases and capsules... but the "hobby" is really fun for some who want to get that gambler's rush.


The Hobby & The Culture

Throughout this article, I have used the term "hobby" when describing CSGO (CS2) case openings; this is a community term coined by popular CS2 streamers to refer to their/their community's addiction to watching the streamers open hundreds of thousands of cases and capsules. Even though everyone knows that the odds are horrendous financially, time has proven that case openings are addictive to watch and participate in.

The current cheapest knives in CSGO (CS2) are around $70.

The vast majority of the CS community all have a very similar thought when they first start to learn about CSGO (CS2) skins, "I want to experience unboxing a knife." Some people are lucky and unbox expensive, gorgeous knives that somehow let them beat the ROI odds... but the vast majority of players will spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to finally unbox a knife... that could be worth as little as $70.


I would highly suggest against opening CSGO cases since you will likely lose A TON of money. Rather, if you want to pick up play skins for your CS2 games, consider buying skins off Swap.GG and other sites instead of gambling away your hard-earned money on cases and capsules. Consider checking out our previous article on tips for buying Counter-Strike items.


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