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Leaked: CS2 Operation Skins


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Leaked: CS2 Operation Skins

The well-known leaker @gabefollower recently discovered three sets of item skins intended for Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) Operation 12 (op12). These sets, named op12_counter_strike, op12_myths_monsters, and op12_pop_comic, offer a glimpse into what might have been a significant addition to the game. The leaks suggest these items were potentially scrapped as CS2 underwent development and release. Here, we explore the details of these fascinating yet unrealized collections.

op12_counter_strike Set

The op12_counter_strike set, officially named "CSGO_set_op12_counter_strike," includes a diverse range of weapon skins. This collection appears to be a homage to the classic Counter-Strike aesthetics, featuring:

  • MP9 Dust Tiles: sgs_mp9_dust_tiles | weapon_mp9
  • CZ75 Silver Elite: cz75_silverelite | weapon_cz75a
  • Placeholder Skins: cu_op12_cs_placeholder1 | weapon_nova
  • Placeholder Skins: cu_op12_cs_placeholder3 | weapon_ssg08
  • AK47 Minimally: cu_ak47_minimally | weapon_ak47
  • P250 Arctic: cu_p250_artic | weapon_p250
  • TEC-9 Masked: gs_tecg_masked | weapon_tec9
  • Nostalgia: sgs_nostalgia | weapon_usp_silencer
  • Sawed-Off C4: cu_sawedoff_c4 | weapon_sawedoff
  • Glock Knife: gs_glock_knife | weapon_glock
  • MAC-10 Bakyi: gs_mac10_bakyi | weapon_mac10
  • P90 Randyrush: cu_p90_randyrush | weapon_p90
  • SCAR-20 Goodnite: cu_scar20_goodnite | weapon_scar20
  • MAG-7 Restoration: cu_mag7_restoration | weapon_mag7
  • UMP-45 Policie: cu_ump_policie | weapon_ump45
  • P250 Flo Energy: gs_p250_flo_energy | weapon_p250
  • M4A4 Chrome Fade: gs_m4a4_chrome_fade | weapon_m4a1
  • AK47 Wildfire: cu_ak47_wildfire | weapon_ak47

Each of these skins carries a unique visual style, likely intended to appeal to a wide range of players with varying aesthetic preferences.

op12_pop_comic Set

The op12_pop_comic set, named "CSGO_set_op12_pop_comic," brings a vibrant, comic-book-inspired collection. This set is characterized by bright colors and playful designs, perfect for players looking to add a bit of fun to their arsenal:

  • Sawed-Off Offset: cu_sawedoff_offset | weapon_sawedoff
  • CZ75 Comic: cu_cz75_comic | weapon_cz75a
  • Placeholder Skins: cu_op12_pop_placeholder3 | weapon_hkp2000
  • Placeholder Skins: cu_op12_pop_placeholder7 | weapon_fiveseven
  • Glock Animeblast: cu_glock_animeblast | weapon_glock
  • SCAR-20 Lurker: gs_scar_lurker | weapon_scar20
  • USP Calligraphy: cu_usp_calligraphy | weapon_usp_silencer
  • AK47 Kawaiivibe: cu_ak47_kawaiivibe | weapon_ak47
  • MAC-10 Forest Virus: cu_mac10_forest_virus | weapon_mac10
  • P250 Love: cu_p250_love | weapon_p250
  • AUG Phantom: cu_aug_phantom | weapon_aug
  • MP9 Dream: cu_mp9_dream | weapon_mp9
  • Placeholder Skins: cu_op12_pop_placeholder | weapon_awp
  • P90 Toy Chartreuse: gs_p90_toy_chartreuse | weapon_p90
  • XM1014 Premonition: gs_xm1014_premonition | weapon_xm1014
  • TEC-9 Dystopia: gs_tec9_dystopia | weapon_tec9
  • Glock Shadyleaves: cu_glock_shadyleaves | weapon_glock
  • MAG-7 Wolverine: cu_mag7_wolverine | weapon_mag7

This set clearly aims to capture the imagination of players with a penchant for lively and animated visuals.

op12_myths_monsters Set

The op12_myths_monsters set, officially "CSGO_set_op12_myths_monsters," delves into fantasy and folklore. Each skin in this collection appears to be inspired by mythical creatures and legendary tales:

  • Five-Seven Darkdog: gs_fiveseven_darkdog | weapon_fiveseven
  • Glock Cursed Ceramics: cu_glock_cursed_ceramics | weapon_glock
  • UMP-45 Watchdog: gs_ump_watchdog | weapon_ump45
  • AUG Irezimwi: gs_aug_irezimwi | weapon_aug
  • CZ75 Tooth Fairy: cu_cz75_tooth_fairy | weapon_cz75a
  • G3SG1 Oculus: cu_gs3sg1_oculus | weapon_gs3sg1
  • MP5-SD Nightmare Machine: gs_mp5_nightmare_machine | weapon_mp5sd
  • P90 King Pit: am_p90_king_pit | weapon_p90
  • FAMAS Despair: gs_famas_despair | weapon_famas
  • TEC-9 Aztec: gs_tec9_aztec | weapon_tec9
  • AWP Leshy: cu_awp_leshy | weapon_awp
  • Nova Koschei: cu_nova_koschei | weapon_nova
  • AK47 Omen: cu_ak47_omen | weapon_ak47

These skins seem designed to evoke a sense of mystery and adventure, appealing to players who enjoy a touch of the fantastical in their game.


While these sets were likely canceled during the development and release of CS2, their discovery by @gabefollower provides an intriguing look at what might have been. Each set offers a distinct theme and visual style, from the classic Counter-Strike homage in the op12_counter_strike set to the vibrant and playful op12_pop_comic and the mythical allure of the op12_myths_monsters. These leaks remind us of the creative potential in game development and the myriad ways developers seek to enhance player experience. As we move forward with CS2, it's exciting to think about what other innovative designs and themes might be on the horizon.


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