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What are all the new CS2 Kilowatt Case Skins & Knives?


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What are all the new CS2 Kilowatt Case Skins & Knives?

With the evolution of Counter-Strike into Counter-Strike 2, the gaming community is undoubtedly experiencing a new chapter filled with exciting possibilities. In this groundbreaking era, the Kilowatt Case is a testament to the continued innovation within the series, featuring 17 meticulously crafted community-designed weapon finishes and introducing the exclusive Kukri Knife as a rare special item. Released on February 6, 2024, the Kilowatt Case marks the first case released within CSGO's successor. Join us as we explore the details and aesthetics of each skin within the Kilowatt Case, showcasing the creative prowess that defines this latest installment.

Kilowatt Mil-Spec Items

Within the Kilowatt Case, the Mil-Spec items showcase a captivating array of designs that add both flair and functionality to the arsenal of Counter-Strike 2. Among them, the Nova Dark Sigil stands out, adorned with a custom paint job featuring longships and dragons, creating an aesthetic that's both intricate and mythical. The Dual Berettas Hideout follows suit with a multicolored design that seamlessly blends style with substance, offering players a distinctive and eye-catching choice.

For those seeking a more rugged appeal, the Tec-9 Slag boasts a custom paint job that simulates a handmade appearance, from the grip to the welding on the receiver, adding an authentic touch to the weapon. The UMP-45 Motorized takes a unique turn, resembling a combustion engine transformed into a weapon, merging industrial aesthetics with functionality. Meanwhile, the SSG 08 Dezastre features a high-tech black, white, and red design, showcasing a fusion of modernity and aggression.

Adding a touch of Japanese inspiration, the XM1014 Irezumi presents a snake custom painted atop a gold-colored base, paying homage to the revered Irezumi tattoo art style. Rounding off the Mil-Spec items, the MAC-10 Light Box surprises with a paint job that mimics the illusion of peering into the back of the MAC-10, adding an innovative twist to the visual landscape of Counter-Strike 2. Each Mil-Spec item brings diversity to the Kilowatt Case and reflects the creativity and attention to detail synonymous with the Counter-Strike series.

Kilowatt Restricted Items

Diving into the realm of Restricted items within the Kilowatt Case, a spectrum of stylish designs emerges, each weapon telling a unique visual story. The MP7 Just Smile catches the eye with its blue and purple base coat, adorned with a cheerful smiley face and the uplifting phrase "Just Smile" in yellow, injecting positivity into the heat of battle. On a contrasting note, the Five-SeveN Hybrid opts for a silver base coat embellished with bright purple stripes, offering a sleek, modern aesthetic that stands out on the battlefield. The Sawed-Off | Analog Input takes a creative turn, featuring diagonal bands of color and the iconic gaming buttons "X," "Y," "B," and "A" - a playful nod to the world of gaming.

The M4A4 Etch Lord introduces an air of sophistication, with a custom paint job that mimics the appearance of intricate etchings, adding a touch of elegance to this formidable rifle. Meanwhile, the Glock-18 Block-18 utilizes a custom-painted segmented design to section the weapon into colored blocks, creating a visually striking and geometrically inspired finish. Each of these Restricted items brings diversity to the Kilowatt Case and showcases the innovative and eclectic design choices that players can wield in Counter-Strike 2, making a bold statement on the virtual battlefield.

Kilowatt Classified Items

Venturing into the realm of Classified items within the Kilowatt Case, a higher echelon of sophistication and rarity unveils itself. The USP-S Jawbreaker takes center stage, a masterpiece of high gloss paint that depicts a whimsical scene from grip to silencer—a dog barking joyfully. Adding a delightful touch, the silencer bears the inscription "GOOD DOGGY," infusing humor and charm into this meticulously crafted USP-S. In a display of divine power, the Zeus x27 Olympus showcases a custom paint job featuring Zeus, the God of Thunder.

This intricate design pays homage to mythology and elevates the Zeus x27 to legendary status on the virtual battleground. The M4A1-S Black Lotus, on the other hand, graces the battlefield with an air of mystique. The black lotus flower, intricately painted over a mesmerizing blue and purple base, adds an element of beauty and rarity to this Classified weapon. Each of these Classified items in the Kilowatt Case exemplifies the pinnacle of design and craftsmanship and serves as a coveted treasure for players seeking both style and distinction in the world of Counter-Strike 2.

Kilowatt Covert Items

The Kilowatt Case's Covert items testify to exceptional craftsmanship and design innovation. The AK-47 Inheritance stands as a masterpiece, drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of traditional Chinese porcelain and Delft Blauw art. The custom paint job meticulously captures the essence of intricate patterns and delicate blue-and-white motifs, creating an AK-47 that transcends the virtual battlefield and becomes a work of art.

The AWP Chrome Cannon takes the spotlight with a custom paint job that employs mirror coat paint, resulting in a weapon that gleams with a reflective shine. The multicolored accents add a dynamic flair, while the carbon fiber scope introduces a touch of modern sophistication. This AWP stands out for its deadly precision and unparalleled visual appeal, making it a coveted and awe-inspiring addition to any player's arsenal in Counter-Strike 2. These Covert items exemplify the pinnacle of exclusivity within the Kilowatt Case, showcasing a fusion of cultural inspiration and cutting-edge design.

Kilowatt Kukri Knives

The brand new CS2 Kurki knife includes the following finishes in the Kilowatt case: "Vanilla", Fade, Slaughter, Crimson Web, Case Hardened, Blue Steel, Stained, Safari Mesh, Scorched, Boreal Forest, Night Stripe, Urban Masked, and Forest DDPAT.


In conclusion, the Kilowatt Case marks a pivotal moment in Counter-Strike 2's evolution, introducing 17 meticulously crafted community-designed weapon finishes and the exclusive Kukri Knife. Released on February 6, 2024, this groundbreaking addition showcases a fusion of creativity, cultural influences, and cutting-edge design. From Mil-Spec to Covert items, each skin tells a unique story, bringing both style and functionality to the virtual battlefield. The Kilowatt Case is not just a collection of virtual items; it signifies a celebration of creativity within the Counter-Strike universe, ushering in a new chapter filled with possibilities for players and solidifying the game's place at the forefront of the gaming community.


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