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All Playable CS2 Maps


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All Playable CS2 Maps

Since its initial release, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) has captivated millions of players with its intense gameplay and competitive multiplayer experience. Anyone who is a fan of CSGO knows just how vital the fan-favorite maps are within the game and how many pain-stacking hours players have put into muscle memory to learn every tiny detail of each map. So far, in the open beta for Counter-Strike 2 (CS2), Valve has added four maps for playtests to test out.


Nuke - B Site

Within CS2's latest update, Valve brought a faithful remaster of the classic map. With the stunning new light engine, Nuke's Bomb Site B has beautiful water reflections from the reactor below that bounces on every site surface. And Movement players also rejoiced to learn that it was still possible to Edgebug off of marshmallow to take no fall damage!

Dust 2

Dust 2 - B Site

No introduction or explanation is needed for this iconic CSGO map which was the first map the CS2 beta shipped with. This classic map is extremely similar to how it was within CSGO, besides being bright and slightly more vibrant in color within some areas of the map!


Office - Snowman

This hilariously fun hostage rescue map was faithfully remastered for its release into CS2. Valve sadly did not overhaul the map dramatically to affect its heavily T-sided layout. But on the bright side, at least the cute snowman made its way into the new game!


Mirage - B Site

When first introduced, players were in awe by how beautiful the reflective colored light of the green tarp draped over Bombsite B scattered around the site. But many notable glitches could be performed on the map in a hilarious twist of events. Some of these glitches included a way to teleport onto the skybox of the catwalk and jump from rooftop to rooftop like in Assassins Creed, and another fantastic bug would allow players to teleport into the floor of the map and act as almost a crawling feature in the game.


Overpass - B Site

You must see how beautiful the brand-new engine's dynamic water shadders are for you to believe them. Pictures do not do justice to how absolutely stunning Overpass looks rebuilt from the ground up in Counter-Strike 2.


Vertigo - Middle

Vertigo was faithfully remastered from CSGO to the CS2 Beta. The only main difference is how the new lighting engine makes the map much more vibrant and of higher quality. They even have moving vehicles on the roads below the skyscraper!


Trailers have already teased many other maps to be introduced into the new game. These additional maps we have yet to see include Train, Anubis, Inferno, and Ancient. Some other maps seen in trailers but yet to be playable in the CS2 beta include Italy, Baggage, Shoots, Canals, Lake, and Shortdust. Which map would you like to see Valve introduce next into the beta? We would love to hear your thoughts over at our Twitter!


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