Whenever I request a trade, it gets declined automatically.


Останнє оновлення

It appears that you might have an active API key. To check if this is the case, kindly click on the following link: Check API Key Status.

If you find an API key registered there that you did not personally register, we highly recommend following these steps to ensure your account's security and prevent you from falling victim to the Steam API key scam:

  1. Remove any Steam/CSGO browser extensions that are unfamiliar or not widely recognized.
  2. Change the password for your Steam account.
  3. Visit the device authorization page on Steam and deauthorize any devices you do not recognize or no longer use. You can access this page here: Device Authorization.
  4. Proceed to the Steam API Key page and revoke any active API keys that you did not register yourself. To do this, simply click on "Revoke My Steam Web API key."

How can I protect myself from the Steam API key scam going forward?

To minimize the risk of falling victim to the Steam API key scam, please follow these important guidelines:

  1. Avoid installing unfamiliar CSGO or Steam-related browser extensions. Stick to well-known and reputable extensions to ensure your online safety.
  2. When logging into Steam or CSGO-related websites, always double-check that you are on the genuine Steam login page. Verify the website URL to ensure it belongs to
  3. Exercise caution when opening trade offers. Only open trade offers from the website where you initiated the trade. If you encounter an error while opening a trade offer, it could indicate a compromise of your account, and the scammers may have declined the trade offer.
  4. If you encounter difficulties accessing the trade offer through the provided link, check your Steam Incoming Offer History. Ensure that there are no recently declined trade offers just before receiving the new active trade offer.
  5. When websites display a "Steam bot join date" or Steam level badge, compare this date and badge with the one shown when confirming the trade offer on your mobile device. Ensure that both dates and badges match to confirm the authenticity of the trade.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can significantly reduce the risk of falling victim to the Steam API key scam. Stay vigilant and remember that your security is important!

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