Glock-18 Fade

The Glock-18 Fade is a vibrant skin featuring a gradient of pink to yellow. It's a popular choice for its eye-catching design.
Released on August 14, 2013, as part of The Arms Deal update, the Glock-18 Fade quickly became a fan favorite.
This skin was designed by Valve, the developer of CS2, showcasing their commitment to adding flair to the game's arsenal.
Part of The 2018 Inferno Collection, the Glock-18 Fade is associated with one of CS2's most iconic maps.
Notable Players
Pro player NiK has been seen wielding the Glock-18 Fade, highlighting its popularity among top-tier competitors.
The Glock-18 Fade was introduced to CS2 in The Arms Deal update, marking the beginning of a new era for in-game cosmetics.


The 2018 Inferno Collection
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CS20 Case
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CS:GO Weapon Case
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Kilowatt Case
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Professional Players

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