I'm being asked to trade, verify or unlock my items.


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First and foremost, it's essential to understand that neither nor Steam employees will ever contact you and request you to perform trades or transactions. It's important to be aware that anyone asking you to engage in trades or make payments is attempting to scam you.

How do these scams usually unfold?
Scammers, using various platforms such as Discord, Steam, Twitter, or Telegram, will often try to deceive you by claiming affiliation with or other platforms. They may even entice you with trades that appear too good to pass up.

These scammers commonly employ a tactic where they convince you to use a legitimate trading platform to exchange your CS:GO items for Team Fortress 2 or Rust items. They specifically target these games because the items involved do not have a Steam trade lock after the initial trade. This enables them to quickly cash out the items they fraudulently obtain from you.

Once these scammers have successfully acquired your items without fulfilling their end of the trade, they may employ a deceptive tactic by claiming that your items have become "stuck" and require "verification." In reality, there is no legitimate concept of items getting "stuck" or needing "verification." It is crucial to understand that scammers employ these tactics solely to extort additional trades, payments, or items from you, aiming to extract even more money through fraudulent means.

Please remember that if someone claims your items are stuck or need verification, it is a clear indication of a scam. Stay vigilant and refrain from engaging in any further trades, payments, or providing additional items. Report any such incidents to Steam and the relevant platform.

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