How do I use trade balance to fund my trade?


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To utilize your trade balance for funding your trades on, the process is quite straightforward. When you engage in item trading, our system will automatically deduct funds from your balance in scenarios where the value of the items you've chosen from the bot inventory exceeds the value of the items you are trading to us.

To specifically utilize your trade balance, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Select an item from the bot inventory that you wish to purchase.
  2. Add the selected item to your cart.
  3. Finally, click the "SWAP ITEMS" button to proceed with the transaction.

By performing these actions, the required amount of money will be automatically deducted from your trade balance, enabling you to complete the trade smoothly.

Furthermore, to conveniently keep track of the remaining balance after completing your item transactions, you can rely on the "Final Balance" indicator. This useful feature provides you with the precise amount of balance that will be available once all the transactions for the items in your order have been successfully finalized.

It's important to note that the trade balance can only be utilized within the same trading mode.

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