Why can't I trade certain items?


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On, items can have various statuses that indicate they cannot be traded for different reasons. The following are the statuses you may encounter in the user inventory and their corresponding meanings:

  • Overstock
    This status indicates that we have already accumulated an excessive quantity of the item in our inventory. The duration for this status to change is fully automated and cannot be determined with certainty. We kindly request you to wait for another user to trade for some of these items.
  • Unstable
    When an item has the "Unstable" status, it means that it cannot be traded on due to factors such as its unstable price, low popularity, or low sales volume. Our pricing algorithm considers multiple factors and automatically determines whether we can accept the item at the given time. Please note that we do not manually accept items with this status
  • Trade locked
    If an item has the "Trade locked" status, it means that the item is temporarily locked by Steam and will become tradable in the upcoming days. For a comprehensive understanding of what a Steam trade lock entails, we recommend referring to our dedicated support article on the topic.
  • Too Low
    This status indicates that the item's value is too low for us to accept. Currently, we only accept CS:GO items valued at $0.10 or higher, as well as Rust and TF2 items valued at $0.05 or higher.
  • Blocked
    This status indicates that an item has automatically been blocked by our system. Usually, this is caused by sudden price decreases, often resulting from items being added back to the Rust game store.

Additionally, please note that we currently only accept the following items for Team Fortress 2: Mann Co. Supply Crate Key, Tour of Duty Ticket and Backpack Expander.

We strive to provide transparency regarding the statuses of items in your inventory to ensure a smooth trading experience.

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