How does determine item prices?


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While we are unable to disclose the exact details of our pricing algorithm, as it is one of our most valuable trade secrets, we can shed light on the factors considered when determining item prices and availability on Our pricing algorithm takes into account the following key factors:

  • Sales volume
    The frequency of item sales is taken into consideration when determining prices and availability. Items with lower sales volume might receive discounts, resulting in lower prices both in the user inventory and on
  • Item popularity
    The popularity of an item influences its pricing. Items that are traded quickly on our platform may receive an additional markup in the inventory, but the commission will never exceed the limits stated in this dedicated article.
  • Recent sales prices
    Rather than relying solely on the current lowest listing price, our pricing algorithm considers a selected number of recent sales prices for a particular item. This approach allows for more accurate pricing based on real market data.

These factors, along with a range of additional measures, collectively aim to provide the most accurate pricing in the industry. Our goal is to offer fair trades while ensuring a wide selection of available items for our users 😊

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