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When were all the CSGO Operations?


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When were all the CSGO Operations?

Welcome to the dynamic world that was Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) operations, where the gaming landscape was continually enriched with exciting content and challenges. Since the inception of operations in CSGO, players eagerly awaited each installment, which brought many new maps, missions, and cosmetic items. From the inaugural Operation Payback to the more recent Operation Broken Fang, these limited-time events transformed gameplay and left an indelible mark on the CSGO community. Join us on a journey through the history of CSGO operations, exploring each operation's unique features and experiences and capturing the essence of these time-limited ventures within the ever-evolving world of competitive gaming.

Operation Payback: (April 25, 2013 - August 31, 2013)

In the early stages of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO), Operation Payback laid the groundwork for limited-time operations, lasting from April 25, 2013, to August 31, 2013. This inaugural event immersed players in unique maps like Favela and Thunder, offering diverse Bombdefusal scenarios and hostage situations. Operation Payback introduced the concept of coin upgrades earned based on the time spent on these community-created maps, fostering community engagement and setting the stage for future CSGO operations.

Operation Bravo: (September 19, 2013 - February 5, 2014)

Operation Bravo, which unfolded from September 19, 2013, to February 5, 2014, marked a significant chapter in CSGO history. This operation featured iconic maps such as Seaside and Chinatown, showcasing various Bombdefusal scenarios and hostage situations. Operation Bravo introduced the Bravo Case with exclusive collections and streamlined coin upgrades, making operation maps available for more modes. These early innovations set the tone for the evolving landscape of CSGO operations.

Operation Phoenix: (February 20, 2014 - June 11, 2014)

Following the success of Operation Bravo, CSGO enthusiasts witnessed Operation Phoenix, spanning from February 20, 2014, to June 11, 2014. This operation introduced players to captivating maps like Ali and Seaside, each presenting unique challenges. The Phoenix Weapon Case, exclusive to pass owners, featured an array of skins, further enticing players to explore the varied Bombdefusal scenarios and hostage situations presented during Operation Phoenix.

Operation Breakout: (July 1, 2014 - October 2, 2014)

Operation Breakout, an exciting venture from July 1, 2014, to October 2, 2014, was launched in the summer of 2014. With Bombdefusal challenges on maps like Black Gold and Overgrown, players delved into diverse scenarios, enhancing their CSGO experience. The Breakout Weapon Case, offering skins for Baggage, Cobble, Overpass, and Cache, added a layer of excitement. Operation Breakout introduced missions and a journal and allowed coin upgrades through mission completions, contributing to player engagement.

Operation Vanguard: (November 11, 2014 - March 31, 2015)

November 2014 witnessed the emergence of Operation Vanguard, a pivotal period lasting until March 31, 2015. Featuring maps like Bazaar and Marquis, Operation Vanguard showcased a diverse range of Bombdefusal scenarios and hostage situations. The Operation Vanguard Weapon Case brought exclusive Train, Cobblestone, and Overpass skins, enriching players' inventories. With the introduction of operation campaigns and missions received via campaigns, players had the opportunity to upgrade their coins and delve deeper into the CSGO universe.

Operation Bloodhound: (May 26, 2015 - October 1, 2015)

In the spring of 2015, Operation Bloodhound captivated the CSGO community, lasting from May 26, 2015, to October 1, 2015. This operation took players through captivating maps like Log, Rails, and Zoo, each presenting unique challenges. The revamped campaign structure, story-driven campaigns, and the introduction of Guardian Co-op Challenges added depth to the CSGO experience. Operation Bloodhound also featured exclusive drops when ranking up, new mission types, and daily mission drops, keeping players immersed in the evolving world of CSGO operations.

Operation Wildfire: (February 17, 2016 - July 15, 2016)

February 2016 brought the fiery Operation Wildfire, a spectacle that continued until July 15, 2016. With Bombdefusal challenges on maps like Coast, Empire, and Santorini, players faced a dynamic range of scenarios. The Wildfire Case and collections like Gemini and Co-op exclusive campaign: Gemini enriched players' inventories with sought-after skins. Introducing 'Co-op Strike' missions, Operation Wildfire brought a cooperative gaming experience, allowing players to team up and conquer challenges together.

(Sidenote: This was my first operation since playing CSGO in January 2016!)

Operation Hydra: (May 23, 2017 - November 13, 2017)

May 2017 marked the arrival of Operation Hydra, lasting until November 13, 2017, and ushering in a new era for CSGO operations. Featuring diverse maps such as Austria, Lite, and Thrill, Operation Hydra expanded the gaming experience. The Operation Hydra Case, with skins for Cobblestone, Cache, Overpass, and more, added a layer of excitement. With the introduction of three new game modes – War Games, Wingman, and Weapons Expert – players experienced a refreshing twist in their gameplay. Exclusive drops for accumulating guardian and events XP, along with Diamond Operation Coins, highlighted the uniqueness of Operation Hydra.

Operation Shattered Web: (November 18, 2019 - March 31, 2020)

Returning after a hiatus, Operation Shattered Web made a grand entrance on November 18, 2019, and concluded on March 31, 2020. Introducing maps like Lunacy and Jungle, this operation pushed boundaries in terms of challenges and content. The Shattered Web Case, featuring collections like Canals, Norse, and St. Marc, adorned participants' inventory. Operation Shattered Web pioneered the Battle Pass System, offering unlockable agents and diverse challenges, providing players with a unique and rewarding experience.

Operation Broken Fang: (December 3, 2020 - May 3, 2021)

As 2020 drew close, Operation Broken Fang emerged, captivating the CSGO community from December 3, 2020, to May 3, 2021. Ancient Bombdefusal, Engage, and Frostbite survival maps took center stage, offering players diverse challenges. The Broken Fang Case, featuring thematic collections like Havoc, Control, and Ancient, showcased a range of sought-after skins. This operation introduced Retake and Broken Fang Premier game modes, a Statistics page, and the ability to spend stars in the Operation Shop, providing players with new avenues for gameplay and customization.

Operation Riptide: (September 21, 2021 - February 21, 2022)

Most recently, Operation Riptide took the CSGO community on a journey from September 21, 2021, to February 21, 2022. Featuring maps like Basalt and Ravine, players navigated through Bombdefusal scenarios and survival challenges on County, Extraction, and more. The 2021 Train, Mirage, Dust II, and Vertigo Collections brought a wave of cosmetic options. Private and Short Competitive modes, coupled with FFA and Team Deathmatch, added diversity to the gaming experience, concluding the latest chapter in the ever-evolving history of CSGO operations.

Operation 12 Leaks

CS2 data miner @gabefollower found in March 2023 references "op12" and some potential items that could be found in the upcoming operation's collections.

We have no official confirmation on when Counter-Strike 2 will receive its first operation, but many speculate that it will drop within 2024.


The journey through Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) operations unveils a dynamic evolution that has profoundly impacted the gaming community. From the inaugural Operation Payback to the recent Operation Riptide, each limited-time event brought a cascade of new maps, missions, and cosmetic items, transforming the gaming landscape. The history of CSGO operations is a testament to the game's adaptability and the community's unwavering enthusiasm, marked by milestones like the Battle Pass System of Operation Shattered Web and the innovative game modes introduced in Operation Hydra and Broken Fang. As we eagerly anticipate Operation 12 and the speculated launch of Counter-Strike 2, the legacy of CSGO operations stands as a testament to the game's ability to captivate, challenge, and unite players in the ever-evolving realm of competitive gaming, promising a future chapter as thrilling as those that have come before.


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