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Best Weapon Skins CSGO: Top Picks for Every Budget (Part 2)


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Best Weapon Skins CSGO: Top Picks for Every Budget (Part 2)

Step into the riveting realm of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO), where the battle lines are drawn not just with tactical precision but also in the vibrant palette of weapon skins. In this second installment of our exploration into the world of CSGO aesthetics, we navigate the diverse landscape of affordability and extravagance, presenting the best weapon skins CSGO offers for every budget. These digital armaments transcend mere adornments, symbolizing identity and skill on the virtual battlefield. Whether you're a budget-conscious strategist or an aficionado seeking opulence, our curated selection ensures that the best weapon skins CSGO has to offer will not only complement your style but also make a bold statement about your prowess in the competitive arena. Join us as we dive into the dynamic spectrum of CSGO skins, where each selection is more than a visual enhancement—it's a strategic choice that adds flair to your arsenal and dominance to your play style. Part two will focus on the best CSGO weapon skins for green, blue, and purple skins of all budgets.

USP-S | Monster Mashup (Field-Tested) | CS:GO Skin Showcase - YouTube

Best Green CSGO Budget Skins

For those budget-conscious marksmen with a penchant for all things green, the world of CSGO offers a diverse array of affordable yet visually striking skins. The USP-S Monster Mashup FT, standing at a modest $12, combines a playful aesthetic with a formidable presence. If you're aiming for a touch of botanical elegance, the Glock-18 Nuclear Garden FN, priced at a wallet-friendly $8.50, presents a verdant masterpiece. The P250 See Ya Later FN, available at $7.50, bids farewell to the mundane with its eye-catching design. For a budget-friendly burst of Hydra-themed firepower, the MP9 Hydra MW, priced at $5.25, delivers both style and affordability. If you're seeking a darker allure, the P90 Grim FN at just $0.50 provides a menacing touch to your loadout. The Galil AR Eco FT, a steal at $2.75, proves that frugality doesn't mean sacrificing sophistication. Embrace the prehistoric charm of the M4A1-S Emphorosaur-S FN at the same affordable price, adding a touch of whimsy to your arsenal. Concluding our green-themed budget journey is the AWP Atheris FN at $8.75, offering precision and style without breaking the bank. In the realm of green CSGO budget skins, this curated selection ensures that every player, regardless of their budget, can wield a weapon that not only speaks to their style but also delivers a punch on the virtual battlefield.

AK-47 | Wild Lotus (Field-Tested) | CS:GO Skin Showcase - YouTube

Best Green CSGO Expensive Skins

For players with deep pockets, the best green CSGO skins extend beyond the realm of affordability, presenting a collection that seamlessly combines luxury with visual splendor. The Five-SeveN Neon Kimono FN, priced at a noteworthy $202, introduces an exquisite fusion of traditional and modern aesthetics, making it a standout choice for discerning players. The Desert Eagle Emerald Jörmungandr FN, at $245, showcases a serpentine allure that not only adds an element of mystique to your loadout but also commands attention on the virtual battlefield. The CZ75-Auto Emerald Quartz FN, with its elegant design and an $80 price tag, delivers a touch of sophistication to your sidearm. For those seeking the epitome of green-themed firepower, the AK-47 Wild Lotus FN, priced at a staggering $10,375, is a true collector's gem, combining rarity and intricate design. Finally, the AWP Containment Breach FN, standing at $329, epitomizes precision and power, making it a coveted choice for players who demand the best. In the realm of expensive green CSGO skins, this curated selection ensures that your loadout not only exudes opulence but also stands as a testament to your commitment to excellence in the world of virtual warfare.

AK Frontside Misty Photograph by Gavin Hull - Pixels

Best Blue CSGO Budget Skins

Diving into the realm of budget-friendly blue CSGO skins, players with a keen eye for aesthetics and fiscal responsibility have an array of captivating choices to enhance their load-outs. The AK-47 Frontside Misty FN, priced at a reasonable $46, introduces a misty allure that combines elegance and firepower. For those favoring a regal touch, the M4A4 The Emperor FT, standing at a modest $9.50, offers a royal aesthetic without compromising affordability. The SSG 08 Abyss FN, at a wallet-friendly $2.35, delivers a captivating deep-sea theme, proving that budget constraints need not limit creativity. Embracing the mystery of Pandora's Box, the mp9 Pandora's Box FN, priced at $92, offers a unique and intricate design that stands out without breaking the bank. In the world of blue CSGO budget skins, this curated selection ensures that every player, regardless of their budget, can wield a weapon that not only complements their style but also makes a statement on the virtual battlefield.

Maroko on X: "Of the 12 AWPs with 4x Titan Holos applied this FN AWP |  Gungnir with 4x Titan Holo Kato 14 Stickers is my favorite.  https://t.co/J2J1DLohJh" / X

Best Blue CSGO Expensive Skins

For those who revel in the extravagance of the virtual battleground, the best blue CSGO skins transcend affordability, offering a collection that marries opulence with visual splendor. The Famas Waters of Nephthys FN, commanding a price of $124, beckons with a mythical aquatic allure, standing as a testament to the fusion of rarity and intricate design. Elevating the stakes further, the M4A1-S Blue Phosphor FN, a high-tier gem at $525, bathes your loadout in an ethereal blue glow, setting you apart as a connoisseur of style and firepower. The AWP Gungnir, with a staggering price of $10,650, epitomizes the zenith of blue-themed firepower, offering not just a weapon but a rare and coveted collector's item. In the realm of expensive blue CSGO skins, this curated selection ensures that your loadout becomes a canvas for opulence, allowing you to make a resounding statement on the virtual battlefield that echoes the pinnacle of both rarity and visual sophistication.

CSGO crafts on a budget on X: "Craft #39 Glock-18 | Moonrise FN #320 /w  smoke criminal scraped Total Cost: ~2 USD 💵 Notes- ☆Looks insane with the  grinning face and half

Best Purple CSGO Budget Skins

Exploring the realm of budget-friendly purple CSGO skins reveals a captivating spectrum that combines affordability with striking aesthetics. The Five-Seven Violent Daimyo FN, available at a mere $0.45, introduces a touch of Japanese inspiration with its intricate design. For enthusiasts of vibrant hues, the MAC-10 Ultraviolet FN, priced at $22, offers a vivid and budget-conscious option to elevate your firepower. Unveiling the celestial beauty of the night, the UMP-45 Moonrise FN at $0.75 and the Glock-18 Moonrise FN at $1.15 are stellar choices that add a cosmic allure to your loadout without straining your budget. Stepping into a more futuristic territory, the Famas Pulse FN, at $5.15, delivers a visually striking option for budget-conscious strategists. The SG 553 Pulse MW, priced at $2.85, offers a sleek and affordable alternative for those seeking a purple-themed rifle. Embracing the mythological, the CZ75-Auto Xiangliu FN, priced at $8.75, brings a touch of legendary charm to your sidearm. For those with a sweet tooth, the Galil AR Sugar Rush MW, standing at $41, offers a delectable combination of purple hues. Rounding off the budget-friendly purple collection, the MAC-10 Neon Rider FN at $7.85 and the AK-47 Neon Rider MW at $44.5 introduces a futuristic and visually compelling addition to your arsenal without breaking the bank. In the realm of purple CSGO budget skins, this thoughtfully curated selection ensures that players can express their style without compromise, turning their virtual weapons into vibrant extensions of their identity on the battlefield.

Steam Workshop::CS:GO MP9 Wild Lily

Best Purple CSGO Expensive Skins

Delving into the opulent domain of purple CSGO skins, connoisseurs seeking the pinnacle of both aesthetics and rarity will find a trio of exquisite choices. The AWP Oni Taiji FN, commanding a formidable price of $440, mesmerizes with its intricate design inspired by Japanese folklore, standing as a testament to elegance and firepower. For those who appreciate a touch of celestial beauty, the AWP Lightning Strike FN at $458 strikes the perfect balance between rarity and visual splendor, ensuring your presence on the virtual battlefield is nothing short of electrifying. Stepping into the realm of exclusivity, the MP9 Wild Lily FN, priced at a remarkable $1,820, is a collector's dream, boasting an intricate floral design that elevates it to the echelons of CSGO luxury. The AUG Akihabara Accept FN is a ridiculous $4,200 but it makes sense once you see the beautiful anime girl staring at you from the surface of your skin. In the world of expensive purple CSGO skins, this curated selection ensures that your arsenal becomes a showcase of rare and visually stunning treasures, setting you apart as a discerning player with an appreciation for artistry and strategic prowess.


Our exploration into the best CSGO weapon skins has been a journey through hues, aesthetics, and budget considerations. Whether embracing the allure of green, the sophistication of blue, or the regality of purple, each curated selection represents a strategic fusion of style and firepower. From budget-friendly gems like the Glock-18 Nuclear Garden and MP9 Pandora's Box to opulent treasures such as the AWP Gungnir and MP9 Wild Lily, every skin tells a unique story. As we conclude this exploration, one thing is sure – your weapon is not merely a tool; it's an extension of your identity. Whether you're navigating the virtual battlegrounds on a budget or making a statement with high-tier extravagance, the world of CSGO weapon skins ensures that your arsenal is as unique as your play style. So, go forth, armed with your chosen skins, and let the clash of styles echo through the digital realms of competitive gaming.


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