Karambit Slaughter

The Karambit Slaughter is a coveted melee skin in CS2, featuring a distinctive red and silver pattern reminiscent of flowing blood and sharp edges.
Originally released in 2013, the Karambit Slaughter became an iconic symbol of prestige and style within the CS2 community.
Crafted by the game developers at Valve, the Karambit Slaughter showcases their attention to detail and understanding of player aesthetics.
While not part of a specific collection, the Karambit Slaughter is often sought after by players looking to enhance their in-game appearance.
The skin was introduced to CS2 as part of The Arms Deal update, marking the beginning of a new era for in-game customization.
Favored by the RED team for its aggressive design, the Karambit Slaughter is a symbol of fear on the virtual battlefield.


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