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Who did the $320,000 CS2 Craft?


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Who did the $320,000 CS2 Craft?

On September 17th, 2023, a popular Chinese CS2 collector 阿乐 crafted the most expensive sticker craft in CS2 history, 4 Titan Holo Katowice 2014s, each worth at the time of crafting $80,000. With the end of CS2 nearing closer and closer to the Summer 2023 release window of CS2, this is likely the most expensive CS2 craft that will ever occur. This article will go into detail about this collector's jaw-dropping inventory.

Unapplied Stickers

If you were upset that the crafter used 4 unapplied Titan Holo Katowice 2014s to complete his M4A1-S Printstream, don't worry, he still has 5 left ($400,000)! He also has 8 unapplied iBuyPower Holo Katowice 2014s ($625,000), 4 LDLC Holo Katowice 2014s ($132,000), 4 Dignitas Holo Katowice 2014s ($106,080), 5 Natus Vincere Holo Katowice 2014s ($52,760), and 8 S1mple Gold Krakow 2017s ($43,856), 4 Clan-Mystik Holo Katowice 2014s ($30,200), and 4 Crown Foils ($3,020)!

阿乐 has an eyewatering $1,392,916 of JUST 42 unapplied stickers in his inventory. The average price of each of his stickers is a crazy $33,164!

Blue Gems Knives

阿乐 has hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of Blue Gem Case Hardened Knives, including a #470 Well-Worn Karambit, a #905 Battle-Scarred Karambit, a #387 Well-Worn Karambit, #577 Battle-Scarred Skeleton, a #776 Field-Tested Karambit, a #577 Factory New Nomad, and a #853 Minimal Wear Karambit.

Blue Gem AKs

On top of the hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of Blue Gem Knives 阿乐 owns, he also has hundreds of thousands of Blue Gem AKs. He owns a Field-Tested #661 with an iBuyPower Katowice 2014 on wood, a Factory New #661 with 4x Titan Holo Katowice 2014 stickers on it (THE HOLY GRAIL OF AK CASE HARDENS!!!), a StatTrak Minimal Wear #809 with mixed Katowice 2014 holos applied, and another a Factory New #661 just to top off his nutty collection!

★ Rare Special Items ★

You would think that he couldn't possibly have more insane items after already seeing roughly $1,750,000 of insane stickers and blue gems... but you are very wrong! He owns a pair of FN Pandora Boxes ($48,000), 2 FN Butterfly Sapphires ($17,650 each), a Factory New M9 Sapphire ($15,350), a FN Butterfly Ruby ($11,340), a FN M9 Ruby ($11,250), 2 FN Amphibious gloves ($7,397 each), a pair of MW Vices ($4,855), a MW pair of Hedge Mazes ($7,478), MW Superconductors ($5,173), MW Tier 1 #458 Crimson Kimonos ($30,033), a FN Karambit Lore ($2,729), a FN Karambit Marble Fade Tier 1 Fire and Ice ($17,700), and lastly, it is refreshing to see him own a pair of MW Arid gloves ($1,523) which is a more realistic expensive item that someone could actually afford!

The total value of his 15 ★ Rare Special Items ★ (not including his Blue Gem Knives) is $161,185! Which is an average of $10,746 per ★ Rare Special Items ★.

Insane Crafts

I am literally lost for words while looking at his amazing craft collection... like... how can someone's inventory be so amazing?! He probably will never sell his collection, but the ballpark value of all his crafts is roughly $400,000!

Total Inventory Value

Unapplied Stickers - $1,392,916

Blue Gem Knives ~ $260,000

Blue Gem AKs ~ $213,000

Rare Special Items - $161,185

Insane Crafts ~ $400,000

TOTAL: $2,687,101

With a combined estimated worth of roughly $2,700,000, 阿乐 definitely has one of the most impressive inventories in all of CS2! We would love to hear your thoughts about his amazing inventory on our Twitter!


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