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Which Asia-Pacific teams Qualified for the Copenhagen CS2 Major?


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Which Asia-Pacific teams Qualified for the Copenhagen CS2 Major?

With 8 teams competing but sadly only 2 slots available to qualify for the PGL Copenhagen 2024 CS2 Major, many fan-favorite teams from the Asia-Pacific region failed to make it to the first CS2 Major. However, with some nail-biting best-of-three matches, the region showed the world that many organizations should not be overlooked, even from a less popular region of Counter-Strike. This article will discuss the two teams who qualified for the major and the results of the other 6 organizations that competed.

Qualified Asia-Pacific Teams

The MongolZ have qualified for their second major in a row after betting MAG 13-4 in the Opening Round, Grayhound 13-4 in the Upper Semi-Finals, and Lynn Vision 2-0 in the Upper Finals!

Lynn Vision Gaming qualified for their first-ever major after beating Twisted Minds 13-7 in the Opening round, TYLOO 13-6 in the Upper Semi-Finals, losing to The MongolZ 0-2 in the Upper Finals, and finally beating Grayhound 2-1 in the Consolidation Finals. The Chinese team hopes to capture a lot of support from their home region as they compete in the Major!

Lower Round 1 Asia-Pacific Knockouts

Twisted Minds sadly lost their Opening Round match against Lynn Vision 7-13 and proceeded to get knocked out of the Asia-Pacific RMRs by losing 0-2 against JiJieHao in the Lower Round 1.

Myth Avenue lost against The Mongoloz 4-13 in the Opening Round and then lost 0-2 against ATOX in the Lower Round 1 to end their Copenhagen RMR run.

Lower Semi-Finals Asia-Pacific Knockouts

TYLOO won their Opening Round match against JiJieHao 13-11 but lost 6-13 against Lynn Vision 6-13 in the Upper Semi-Finals. They were then knocked out of the RMR after they lost to ATOX 1-2 in the Lower Semi-FInals.

JiJieHao lost their Opening Round matchup against TYLOO in a close 11-13 game but bounced back in the Lower Round 1, winning 2-0 against Twisted Minds. However, their Copenhagen RMR runs were needed in the Lower Semi-Finals when they were defeated by Grayhound 0-2.

Lower Finals Asia-Pacific Knockout

The Mongolian ATOX Esports organization lost their Opening Round matchup against Grayhound 4-13 but defeated Myth Avenue 2-0 in the Lower Round 1 and defeated TYLOO 2-1 in the Lower Semi-Finals match. The team was sadly stomped out of the Asia-Pacific RMR, losing 1-2 against Grayhound Gaming in the Lower Finals.

Consolidation Finals (Qualification) Asia-Pacific Knockout

Fan favorite Australian organization Grayhound Gaming was one game away from qualifying for the Copenhagen Major but lost to Lynn Vision 1-2 in the Consolidation Finals (Qualification) matchup.

Sadly for the land down under, no organization represents them at the first-ever Counter-Strike 2 major.

Source: HLTV


In conclusion, the Asia-Pacific region witnessed intense competition during the PGL Copenhagen 2024 CS2 Major qualifiers, with only two coveted slots available for qualification. While some fan-favorite teams fell short of securing a spot, the region showcased its strength through nail-biting best-of-three matches. The MongolZ and Lynn Vision Gaming emerged victorious, earning their places in the Major. The journey, however, was not without its twists, as other organizations faced ups and downs in the lower rounds. ATOX Esports displayed resilience, overcoming challenges but ultimately falling short in the Lower Finals. Grayhound Gaming, a beloved Australian team, came agonizingly close to qualification but succumbed to Lynn Vision in the Consolidation Finals. Despite the absence of a representative from the land down under, the Asia-Pacific region has proven that it deserves recognition on the global Counter-Strike stage, setting the stage for an exciting and competitive Major event.


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