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What are the Most Expensive CS2 Gloves?


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What are the Most Expensive CS2 Gloves?

In Counter-Strike, the significance of in-game accessories extends beyond functionality. Among these, gloves have emerged as iconic symbols of personal expression and prestige, reflecting a player's unique flair within the gaming community. As the CS2 marketplace evolves, rare and exquisite gloves have become sought-after treasures, fetching staggering prices that elevate them to the pinnacle of in-game fashion. This exploration unravels the enigma of CS2's most expensive gloves, delving into categories like Bloodhound, Broken Fang, Driver, Hand Wraps, Hydra, Moto, Specialist, and Sport Gloves. Join us as we reveal the most expensive gloves of each type of glove.

Bloodhound Gloves

The Bloodhound Gloves Charred Factory New claims the title of the most expensive in this category, boasting a current price tag of $930. Following closely behind is the Bloodhound Gloves Bronzed FN, priced at $630, securing its position as the runner-up. These gloves, with their distinct designs and exceptional conditions, exemplify the allure and exclusivity that define the upper echelons of the virtual fashion market within the CS2 community.

Broken Fang Gloves

For Broken Fang Gloves, the Broken Fang Gloves Jade FN are currently the most expensive pair in this category, priced at $860. The second most expensive pair is the Broken Fang Gloves Yellow-banded Factory New, which costs $475. These pairs of Broken Fang Gloves are the most vibrant color offerings for this category, which is probably why they fetch the highest price.

Driver Gloves

Regarding Driver Gloves, the Driver Gloves King Snakes Factory New are by far the most expensive driver gloves, at $8,900. The runner-up pair are the similar-looking Driver Gloves Snow Leopard Factory New, priced at "only" $2,950. It is surprising that there is such a price difference between both rare pairs of gloves, especially considering that they look very similar.

Hand Wraps Gloves

The most expensive pair of hand wrap gloves is the Hand Wraps Cobalt Skulls FN, which is priced at $1,870. The second most expensive pair is the Hand Wraps Slaughter Factory New, priced at $1,390. These two pairs of gloves are extremely vibrant and look great on various skins!

Hydra Gloves

The Hydra Gloves Case Hardened FN are the most expensive pair of Hydra gloves, priced at $520; however, they have some different patterns that fetch much higher values. The runner-up pair is the Hydra Gloves Emerald FN, which cost $350 (and are my personal favorite pair of gloves).

Moto Gloves

For Moto gloves, the Spearmint Factory New at $12,400 is the most expensive pair in this category. The second most expensive pair, the Moto Gloves Cool Mint FN, comes in much "cheaper" at $2,200.

Specialist Gloves

Regarding Specialist Gloves, the Emerald Web Factory New is the most expensive pair, costing $8,375. The second most expensive pair is the Crimson Kimono FN at $8,400 (however, some patterns with more red sell for LUDICRIOUSLY more).

Sport Gloves

The king of not only the Sport Gloves category but all gloves is the Sport Gloves Pandora's Box FN at an eyewatering $52,400! The runner-up pair for Sports Gloves is the Hedge Maze in FN, at $20,900.


The exploration of the game's most expensive gloves has revealed a captivating tale of opulence and exclusivity. Far beyond their cosmetic allure, gloves in CS2 have become potent symbols of individual expression and prestige, reflecting the unique identities of players within the gaming community. As the CS2 marketplace continues to shape the gaming landscape, the enchantment of rare and exquisite gloves persists, commanding prices that catapult them to the zenith of in-game fashion. From the intricate designs of Bloodhound Gloves to the vibrant Broken Fang offerings, the luxurious appeal of Driver Gloves, the eye-catching Hand Wraps, distinctive patterns of Hydra Gloves, sleek Moto Gloves, sophisticated Specialist Gloves, to the extravagant Sport Gloves, each category we've explored showcases a fascinating fusion of style and exclusivity. This journey through the most expensive gloves in CS2 stands as a testament to virtual fashion's dynamic and ever-evolving nature, where these digital artifacts transcend their virtual origins to become revered treasures in the hands of passionate players and collectors alike.


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