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Every CS2 Copenhagen 2024 Team Stickers Leaked


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Every CS2 Copenhagen 2024 Team Stickers Leaked

With the CS2 Copenhagen 2024 major kicking off on March 17, the community is baffled by the lack of stickers being added to the game yet. While the Copenhagen Viewer Pass has already been released, the sticker capsules have been delayed for several reasons. These reasons include signatures being declined and having to get redone, and the Russian team 9Pandas sadly having to be replaced by Gamer Legion because they could not obtain visas for some of their players. While the sticker capsules have yet to be released, community members have found the stickers in the file and inspected the links console commands, so we can check out the new stickers even before they are officially released. This article will show all the team stickers released for the Copenhagen 2024 major.

9Pandas Stickers (REMOVED)

Sadly, on March 16, due to visa issues, 9Pandas stickers were removed from the game files. The community looked forward to the fantastic panda logo because of its uniqueness and cuteness. The team was replaced by Gamer Legion, who will now fight for a chance to win the first CS2 major.

Natus Vincere Stickers

Featuring their classic yellow and black logo, Natus Vincere's glitter and holo show off their unique colors and patterns to make for eye-catching new stickers.

Virtus.pro Stickers

Virtus.pro has a great-looking holographic sticker and a unique orange glitter sticker among the new stickers.

G2 Esports Stickers

Unlike their recent stickers, G2 Esports has a red-themed glitter and holographic sticker for the first CS2 major.

FaZe Clan Stickers

The holographic FaZe sticker has a sunset colorway of red, orange, yellow, and purple!

Team Spirit Stickers

Team Spirit's glitter looks like a diamond with its white background and colorful glitter effect.

Vitality Stickers

Vitality's "bee" logo has a glitter sticker that looks almost like it was dipped in honey.

MOUZ Stickers

Just when MOUZ Stockholm investors thought the Paris sticker was the worst thing to happen to their investments, here comes a third borderless version of the same logo!

Complexity Gaming Stickers

The only team from the USA attending the first CS2 major has beautiful effects for their star logo!

Cloud9 Stickers

Cloud9's Copenhagen 2024 stickers look oddly thin because of the glitter, holo, and gold borders. The paper version of their sticker looks normal, though, because of the lack of an inner border.

ENCE Stickers

Someone on Twitter mentioned that the ENCE glitter looks like a pizza without sauce, and now I can not unsee it.

FURIA Stickers

Once again, Valve has blessed FURIA with one of the most INSANE holographic team stickers the game has ever seen.

Heroic Stickers

Heroic features another holographic design with red, orange, yellow, and purple hues, making it look like a sunset.

Eternal Fire Stickers

While the Eternal Fire glitter sticker has a yellow base, the holographic version has a lovely green and blue effect.

Apeks Stickers

Apeks's orange base led to it having fabulous glitter and holographic stickers for the first Counter-Strike 2 major.

GamerLegion Stickers

GamerLegion was a late addition to the capsule since it replaced 9Pandas because of their visa issues. While many (including myself) are upset about removing the 9Panadas sticker from the game files, at least Valve cooked up some heat with the GamerLegion glitter and holographic effects.

SAW Stickers

SAW is another sticker that resembles a beautiful diamond. It has a white background, intense glitter, and a holographic effect.

paiN Gaming Stickers

Unlike paiN Gaming's previous stickers, this major's glitter and holo stickers take a primarily red background.

Imperial Esports Stickers

A tremendous new green sticker has blessed the CS2 community with the addition of these banger Imperial Esports stickers.

The MongolZ Stickers

The MongolZ has a unique colorway for their stickers that reminds me of the old Ninjas in Pyjamas logos.


The AMKAL ESPORTS logo reminds me of french fries; I wonder if that is because I am hungry or if others see that too.


Popular CS2 creator ZipelCS's team ECSATIC successfully qualified for their first CS2 major and their sticker does not disappoint with it's sleek look.

KOI Stickers

The KOI stickers are a pretty blue and have great glitter and holographic effects, making them a popular choice for crafts this major.

Legacy Stickers

Legacy has a clean logo, and the stickers for the first CS2 major are sleek and effective.

Lynn Vision Stickers

Hailing from China, Lynn Vision's logo reminds many of iBUYPower's fantastic color, which is entirely different.

PGL Stickers

The PGL tournament stickers are very clean and their holographic sticker goes INSANELY hard with it's rainbow effect.


In anticipation of the CS2 Copenhagen 2024 Major, the gaming community eagerly awaits the release of sticker capsules to complement the event. However, delays have left fans curious and searching for glimpses of what's to come. Despite setbacks such as signature rejections and last-minute team replacements due to visa issues, enthusiasts have caught a sneak peek at the upcoming stickers through diligent exploration of game files and console commands. The excitement surrounding these stickers is palpable, with each team's design generating buzz. From the captivating holographic effects of Natus Vincere to the vibrant hues of Virtus.pro and the playful imagery of FaZe Clan, the diversity and creativity showcased in these stickers reflect the global spirit of competitive gaming.

While some may lament the absence of anticipated designs like 9Pandas', the emergence of new favorites like GamerLegion's stickers offers a fresh perspective. As the CS2 Copenhagen 2024 Major approaches, these stickers serve as cosmetic additions and symbols of unity and competition within the gaming community, bridging continents and cultures through a shared passion for esports.


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