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CSGO vs. CS2 Cologne 2014 Holo Stickers Comparison


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CSGO vs. CS2 Cologne 2014 Holo Stickers Comparison

How could Valve surpass the success of the beautiful, big, and vibrant Katowice 2014 holographic stickers? By releasing team logos on top of "dinner plates," which lackluster holographic effects. The only standout sticker from this collection has been the Dignitas Holo Cologne 2014; however, could CS2 have changed this? This article will compare each sticker in CSGO to their CS2 remakes, and we will see how different the stickers are between the two games.

Fnatic Holo Cologne 2014

While appearing slightly less saturated, the Fnactic cologne 2014 has a much cleaner and shinner holographic effect surrounding the sticker.

Ninjas in Pyjamas Holo Cologne 2014

The NiP Holo Cologne 2014 has a much more defined holographic effect throughout the sticker than was present within CSGO. Aswell, the holographic effect appears much more neon in the new game.

Virtus.Pro Holo Cologne 2014

The Virtus.Pro Holo Cologne 2014 is much more vibrant in the new game than the dull version of CSGO. Like many stickers in this collection, it seems like a lot look significantly better in the new game!

Epsilon eSports Holo Cologne 2014

Although better, the Epsilon eSports Holo is still disappointing, with no noticeable holographic effect on the white part of the logo, which takes up most of the sticker.

MTS GameGod Wolf Holo Cologne 2014

The MTS GameGod Wolf Holo Cologne 2014 (Wow, what a long sticker name that is!) gains its holographic effect across the entirety of the sticker rather than only in the eyes and red of the CSGO version.

HellRaisers Holo Cologne 2014

RED HOT! The HellRaiser Holo Cologne 2014 gains a much more saturated red holographic effect. From dull and boring to literally stunning, it is amazing how much better this sticker looks in CS2.

Copenhagen Wolves Holo Cologne 2014

While retaining the unique holographic effect, the Copenhagen Wolves Holo Cologne 2014 had in CSGO, it also becomes much more vibrant in CS2.

Natus Vincere Cologne 2014

Like other enhancements other stickers have received, the Natus Vincere Cologne 2014 holo appears brighter and glossier in CS2 than in CSGO.

Cloud9 Holo Cologne 2014

The Cloud9 Holo Cologne 2014 received a much-needed facelift in the new game from an atrocious orange to a complimenting blue and green holographic effect.

Vox Eminor Holo Cologne 2014

From a boring sticker to a modern art piece, let's hope Valve realizes how hilariously awesome the glitched Vox Eminor Holo Cologne 2014 is in CS2 and fixes it soon!

Team LDLC.com Holo Cologne 2014

Who turned up the saturation? Apparently, Valve did! The holographic effect of the Team LDLC.com Holo Cologne 2014 is completely different in the new game and looks much brighter and bolder!

Titan Holo Cologne 2014

The Titan Holo Cologne 2014 went from a disappointment in CSGO to elegant in CS2. The holographic effect on the logo is much more noticeable now in CS2 and has a much brighter Holo effect.

dAT team Holo Cologne 2014

With a vibrant holographic effect in CSGO, the dAT team Holo Cologne 2014 stays faithful in CS2. The only noticeable difference is that the new game's background is much more defined and brighter.

London Conspiracy Holo Cologne 2014

It is clear to see that the London Conspiracy Holo Cologne 2014 looks much brighter and shinner in CS2 than it did in CSGO. Even the sticker's background appears to be much brighter in the new game.

iBUYPOWER Holo Cologne 2014

The iBUYPOWER Holo Cologne 2014 in CS2 has a much redder holographic effect and looks more unique than the boring effect the sticker had in CSGO.

Team Dignitas Holo Cologne 2014

From goated to GOATED, somehow, the holographic effect of the classic Team Dinitas Holo Cologne 2014 looks even better in CS2. We can not wait to see crafts with these stunning stickers within the new game.


While most Cologne 2014 Holos look similar between CSGO and CS2, a few differ greatly. We'd love to hear your thoughts about how Cologne 2014 Holos look on Twitter.


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