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CSGO All Christmas Updates


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CSGO All Christmas Updates

In the frosty realms of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO), the holiday season has historically ushered in a cascade of festive updates that have left players both merry and immersed in the spirit of the season. As we traverse the nostalgic landscapes of the past, this article delves into the winter wonderlands introduced by the CSGO Winter Updates starting in 2012. These annual traditions brought forth a flurry of content, featuring themed maps, weapon skins, and a variety of festive elements that added a dash of holiday cheer to the intense world of competitive gaming. However, in recent years, the once-anticipated winter updates seem to have become scarce, leaving the community pondering the absence of these cherished traditions. Join us as we reminisce about the golden days of CSGO holiday updates and explore the reasons behind the noticeable void in recent winter festivities within the game.

CSGO 2012 Christmas Update

Since CSGO was still in its early development days, the only notable festive addition to the game in 2012 was the addition of a "Season's Greetings" death screen a player would be met with upon being eliminated. Player models were also given Santa hats to celebrate!

CSGO 2013 Winter Update

On the unexpected eve of December 18, 2013, CSGO underwent a surprising transformation with its first-ever Winter Update. Despite catching the community off guard, the update brought forth an unexpected dose of holiday magic, introducing three unique purchasable gift options that added an element of festive delight to matches. The Gift Package, Pallet of Presents, and Audience Participation Parcel allowed players to bestow random items upon their peers and viewers, fostering an atmosphere of communal celebration. Notably, the Winter Offensive Case debuted as the inaugural community-made case, showcasing an array of community-designed weapon skins. Simultaneously, the eSports Winter Case replaced its predecessor, featuring an eclectic selection of community-created skins that added a touch of individuality to the competitive landscape. The 2013 Winter Update, though unforeseen, laid the groundwork for future holiday celebrations in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, leaving an indelible mark on the game's history.

CSGO 2014 Winter Update

For Christmas 2014, Valve surprised the community by reintroducing Train as a CSGO map. The community was also greeted with a few festive stickers, the All I Want for Christmas Music kit.

CSGO 2015 Winter Update

For Christmas of 2015, Valve gave the community a large lump of coal, which was a wholly broken r8. This was the first time Valve introduced a new weapon to CSGO, which also came with the introduction of the Revolver Case and many community sticker capsules. There was also holiday cheer, such as gifts being reenabled, chickens wearing red festive sweaters, and the introduction of a death cam when a player is eliminated in casual game modes (including a festive overlay).

CSGO 2016 Winter Update

The CSGO 2016 winter update included the addition of green festive sweater chickens, new SAS models, and HRTF (head-related transfer function) audio to improve the directional audio within the game, especially vertically for a map such as Nuke.

CSGO 2017 Winter Update

This year's holiday update only included holiday cheer, such as festive death cams, and the introduction of the upcoming Boston 2018 major team stickers, signatures, and graffiti.

CSGO 2018 Winter Update

This was one of the most significant CSGO festive updates ever, with the game going free to play, the Danger Zone game mode and case release, the c4 was gift-wrapped, and Militia received a snow-themed makeover with snowballs!

CSGO 2019-2022 Winter Updates

The game received holiday cheer, such as falling snow on the main menu, festive chickens, a gift-wrapped c4, and snowballs. Compared to the sizeable festive update in 2018, the following years all seemed to lack the charm and uniqueness of the previous festive updates.


With this being the first year of CS2 and still no festive update as of December 22nd, the chances that Valve has lost its festive fun are growing more and more accurate. Some people are still hoping for a winter update with recent data mine leaks showing files relating to a snowy Cobblestone map currently not present in CS2.


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